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This web site is a collection of links and pictures.

The links are to other sites that I have found interesting. I took most of the pictures.

My hobbies are Amateur Radio and Photography.

My pictures include a tour of the construction of the causeway section of the new eastern approach to the Bay Bridge.  A cruse on the SS Jeremiah O'Brien from Sacramento to San Francisco.

A lot of my pictures come from our ranch near Latrobe El Dorado County and from the great system of trails around Folsom.

These links will take you to the rest of the site.

The old site is just that and will soon go away

The Bay Bridge site has some new links to Caltrans sites with some computer simulations.

Photo Gallery I and II are a collection of pictures I have taken.

The Amateur Radio has links for contesting the ARRL and other sites

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Cruse from Sacramento to San Francisco aboard the Liberty Ship S.S. Jeremiah O’Brien

Visit my with my friends and family.

Check out the  Folsom site with a history of Folsom and links to things and places of interest.  It has pictures of the Power House, Snooks Candy and a train ride to the Latrobe washout.

The Photography Resources site is a collection of links to on-line retail stories, forums, schools and places to take pictures